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Nicole and Fabrice Bütler spent years building up their competent fashion world for men in the beautiful town of Liestal, Switzerland. They developed a highly loyal customer base that apparently goes beyond the men only, which brought up the idea of a women’s fashion store in Liestal. The new fashion and design concept was targeted at quality-oriented women who enjoy fashion and love to dress well. The resulting shopfitting design was to tastefully present casual fashion for leisure, business outfits as well as elegantly festive combinations for women of any age group.


The new business concept of the women’s fashion store was to live up to the expectations set by the men’s fashion store in all areas. The wives of the male customer base that had developed in the course of years were to feel just as well dressed as the fashion-interested men. The diversity of the fashion styles and the wish to be attractive to all age groups posed special requirements to the style and material concept of the new store design.


A fashion store for women with good taste and a feel for quality and style was built on two floors and a sales area of nearly 200 sqm. The key and motto of the furnishing design is “timeless elegance”.
The result has clear merits in a concept with balanced natural colours. Whites, beiges and greys form the colour framework for the smart Italian flair of the Bütler Women’s Fashion-Stores.
The flooring is reminiscent of traditional limestone, a material tried and tested in architecture since the early days and with a precious appearance. Its tiles combine technical and aesthetic features of fine stoneware, while providing an attractive and warm ambience.
The free-standing furniture stand out with the rather purist style. Goods are presented on goods carriers in a concrete look, combined with adjustable brass-coloured rods. Elegant white dominates in the display tables, reinforcing an Italian elegance. A very reduced design language and restrained furniture and room designs convince customers and employees with a strong focus on function that benefits goods presentation. Comfortable sitting areas with elegant, velvety armchairs complete the furnishing concept and charmingly invite customers to linger.

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