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At the end of 2019, BONSAVER moved out of its previous store in Obere Bahnhofsstraße in Wil, in order to take up residence in its new premises just a few metres away. BONSAVER Mode AG is a renowned fashion company in Wil, in the Swiss Canton of St. Gallen. The company is selling women’s fashion in the fourth generation already. Managing director Catherine Frei highly values a personal exchange with her customers and aims for the very best quality, both in terms of fashion and for an attractive atmosphere. Like her fashion, the new shop design was to be individual and modern while representing a stylish ease, yet timelessly adjusting to new fashion trends.


The site change brought about considerable area changes. The sales area of the fashion store, with its roughly 600 sqm on 3 levels, reduced to 300 sqm after moving, but is now all on ground floor. This new floor plan led to special shop fitting challenges. The gigantic sales area was to ensure an attractive division of the three subject-related fashion worlds, each in its own style and yet combined in a harmonious overall concept. One portion offers the „surprisingly stylish“ ambience, another one has an athletically elegant air, and the third presents with a young & fresh shop and fashion design. All of them were to keep their place at BONSAVER.


BONSAVER Mode AG moved into its new premises with their extraordinary and highly inviting shop design in late January 2020. The distinctive and continuous style and formal elements make up the encompassing circle and connecting arch at the same time, combining the different fashion theme worlds into a matching overall shopfitting and fashion concept on 300 sqm. The generous sales area is bright, friendly and brilliant. The ceiling was kept open in an industrial style. At the same time, its dark bordeaux colour and the large watercolour murals fit well with the furniture. Each themed area has its own harmonious choice of goods carrier system, free-standing furniture and basic design shapes. Separate and dedicated furniture colours naturally divide the space and the fashion worlds alike. The chosen pastel colours are soft and refreshing, with a strong bordeaux, warm orange and soft green, they characterise the respective areas and create custom atmospheres in each. The bright colour accents act as eye-catchers with targeted use of the rounded elements, supporting the light and feminine store concept without being oppressive. Cosy sitting islands and changing room areas, as well as a bar in a purist look can be found within the store area. Each of those areas transitions harmoniously into the sales room in shape and colour, while the natural-oak-look flooring adds a special cosiness and warmth. The large and transparent shop windows invite customers to discover the new shop design and new fashion themes.

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